Vidakovic delighted with result despite the tough conditions

risto vidakovic 2018

Risto Vidakovic wasn’t kidding about the weather when he talked about it in the Pre-Match Press conference in the match against Shan United. The temperature in Yangon reached its peak Wednesday afternoon just a couple of hours before the team warm-ups.

“Thirty-eight degrees, I think its very hard for us to play,” said the Ceres mentor. “For us, we got the three points but we still need to grow. Congratulations to the players for getting the result.”

Ceres-Negros banked on an early penalty from Bienvenido Maranon to go ahead before missing some chances and deflecting Shan United’s attempts to get the full three points.

When asked if he can give an assessment for the performance for both teams, the veteran coach can only give a little because of the difficult conditions.

“It’s very difficult to analyze the team because of this weather. It’s a gamble you know, you don’t know what can happen,” Vidakovic added.

The Spanish-Serbian mentor reiterated his statements prior to the game about the conditions not favoring any team leaving the result open to either side.

“Like I said before the game, there are no favorites in these kind of games when you play at this level. Everyone wants to win but the conditions, they don’t allow your players to show their talents,” said the LaLiga vet.

Vidakovic can be happy about the result given that his team came out with a clean sheet despite the situation.

“They didn’t score but they also have chances and we missed some goals also. For me, it was very important we didn’t allow any goals,” he added.

Ceres-Negros will return to action on April 4 when they open the defense of their PFL title in Bacolod.