Reichelt bids goodbye to Ceres

Longtime veteran Patrick Reichelt has announced has departure from Ceres-Negros after a long five year spell with the Bacolod-based club.

“In 2014, I came to join this beautiful club with nothing to expect and what I am leaving with is thousands of memorable moments, new friends, a home, and lots of new family. You have given me so much in my life and I will be forever grateful.” said the talented winger in a personal statement.

The veteran also thanked the club owner, Mr Leo Rey Yanson, for the support he has given throughout the years.

“You became like a big brother to me and for what you have done to this city, for this team and for me, you will always have my dearest respect and gratitude,” said Reichelt.

“You are not just an owner but a hero to Bacolod and it’s people. I’ll never forget you CERES, will never forget you BACOLOD,” he added.

The talented winger cited personal reasons for his sudden departure but has also opened the door for a comeback in the future. “When the time is right and I am ready again I’ll be back. That I’m sure of,” said the current national player.

Reichelt has won everything for the club during his stay in the which includes three league titles in the UFL and the PFL and was a heavy contributor in the club’s history especially in AFC competitions such as the AFC Presidents Cup, AFC Cup, and the AFC Champions League.

  • Antony January 24, 2019 at 9:43 PM

    Next time

  • Danny Canlas January 26, 2019 at 10:42 PM

    I’am sorry to hear that your leaving Ceres and citing personnal reason why your leaving..don’t take too long to come back and play again here for Ceres and the Philippines(Azkals)..Your tge BEST WINGER for me patrick_reichelt!

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