New rivalry with Davao fires up Jeffrey

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Jeffrey Christaens is no stranger to big rivalries. The Ceres-Negros defender has been pivotal in this PFL season in key games against old rivals Global Cebu and last week with new rivals in the Davao Aguilas. Christaens produced a man of the match performance against the Mindanao representatives producing an assist and a goal in the process.

Though Ceres came out as victors in the last match, the former International believes that the next game in Davao del Norte will be much different than the previous one. “It wont be an easy game for sure because they know how we play,” said Christaens. “I think they might play different. They want to prove that they are the better team but we want to prove that as well so we want to win again,” he added.

With Davao bulking up in the transfer window including a very recent coaching change, the Belgium-born Filipino knows that a lot of pride is at stake for tomorrow matchup. “They (Davao) got some new players, they really want to build on their team, and they want to show that they can compete with us,” said the many-time Azkal.

Fatigue is an issue for the Negros squad with the team playing its third match in eight days. Christaens has confidence that the team can live up to the challenge ahead. “It will be tiring for us but we are professionals so we got to rest properly and we also know that we have players on the bench that can perform as well as the starting eleven.”

When asked if he is looking forward to a particular matchup in this brand new rivalry, the Ceres veteran has this to say, “For me it doesn’t really matter because I look at the team. Every opponent for me is the same I just wanna win every game. It doesn’t really matter who plays there or who doesn’t. As long as my team gets the three points, I’m happy and that’s it.”

As a new page turns tomorrow for the country’s newest footballing rivalry, you can expect Jeffrey Christaens to be major part of this growing story.

  • Edna Ramsay September 20, 2017 at 10:48 AM

    Goodluck Ceres team

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